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FREE children's group curriculum

Hello from New York!

I am a social worker in New York City. I have developed an original support 
group curriculum for children whose parents have HIV/AIDS. The 
curriculum combines aspects of play and talk therapy, alternative medicine and 
relaxation exercises, and cognitive therapy to help children cope with this 
illness. It also addresses prevention through education about issues relating 
to STD's, sexual abuse, and violence. It has components on discussing feelings, 
AIDS education, building self-esteem, self-care, and advocacy work. The group 
is aimed at children from 7-10, but is adaptable to other age groups. While 
designed for use in the U.S., but can easily be used in other cultures. It can 
be implemented with very few materials and little manpower, making it ideal for 
organizations in developing countries with few resources. 

The curriculum includes suggestions about adaptation to other cultures and 
substitution of materials. In addition, as the curriculum is very flexible, the 
group can be modified for use with other populations, such as children with 
cancer, child witnesses of domestic violence, and other needs.

I am interested in distributing this group to any interested organization. I 
would also be able to provide guidance for the implementation of the group. 

If interested, please send me an e-mail and we can discuss the curriculum 
further. Looking forward to hearing from you!   If you know of any other 
organization that might be interested in this curriculum, please let me and 
them) know. I have extensive experience with children, especially in the field 
of trauma. Perhaps I could be of assistance in some other way. Please let me 


Karen Landmann, CSW
936 West End Avenue #F7     
New York, NY
Tel. +1-212-866-2822

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