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Medical Informatics workshop

17 ? 20 July 2006
Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Aims of the workshop
* to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the role of medical 
informatics in the health sector 
* to provide participants with a good understanding of the principles 
underlying medical informatics 
* to study the application of medical informatics with emphasis on both 
practice and theory 
* to provide participants with an appreciation of the medico-legal and ethical 
issues in medical informatics.
* to provide participants the necessary skills to conduct simple scientific 
research in medical informatics.

Learning Outcomes  
At the end of the workshop participants will: 
* understand the principles, applications and multidisciplinary nature of 
medical informatics 
* have good insights into the opportunities and limitations of Information 
Technology and of its impact in improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness 
of healthcare 
* understand the ethical-legal and security implications of medical informtics. 
* be able to clearly express user requirements for information systems in 
healthcare according to standard methodologies 
* be able to evaluate comprehensively health information systems 
* understand the central roles of information in healthcare delivery and how it 
is managed 
* be interested in developing their information technology skills. 
Practical Application

At the end of the course participants will be expected to know how to implement 
a medical informatics system by providing answers to the following questions:
- What infrastructure is needed and at what cost?
- What are the implications on the Human resources mix and training? 
- What training for the health care professionals is required? 
- What managerial strategies should be put in place? 
- How can privacy and confidentiality be maintained? 
- How can interventions through medical informatics be funded? 

What is Medical Informatics?
Situational Analysis of record keeping in a health institution.
Health Data and Information flow in a health institution 
Managing Medical/ Health Information in an institutional setting.
The challenge of Quality in Medical informatics
The legal and ethical and security issues in Medical informatics.
Introduction to Computing and Information Technology
Computerized Medical Record system.

Venue: Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
Date:  17th to 20th July 2006. (Arrival and departure inclusive)

Workshop Fee: N20, 000.00 per participant (There is a discount for multiple 
Fee covers conference bag, lecture manual/materials, lunch, and use of 
computers and tea breaks. Fee does not cover accommodation. However 
accommodation could be reserved for interested participants at their own 
Registration fees should be paid in cash or bank draft in favour of Magson 
Pharma-Medical Services Ltd.  (First Bank of Nigeria PLC Account No: 

Target Participants:   The workshop is open to all cadres of Health and Medical 
Records Officers. However there will be a special forum for heads of 
medical/health records departments in health institutions during the workshop. 

Pre-Workshop Assignment:  Upon receipt of registration fee, the participant 
will be sent a pre-workshop assessment form for situational analysis. This 
enables organizers to customize workshop to maximally benefit all participants. 

Certificates: Certificates of participation will be issued to participants.

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. W.O. Erhun M.Sc., MBA., Ph.D., Workshop Coordinator.
Tel: 08037233500,   email:

Wilson O. Erhun. B.Pharm.,MBA; M.Sc;Ph.D; FPCPharm Ag. Head
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Wilson Erhun

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