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[afro-nets] Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Knowledge Hub e-bulletin

Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Knowledge Hub e-bulletin

Dear Colleagues

I am delighted to share with you our first issue of the Anti Retroviral Therapy 
(ART) Knowledge Hub e-bulletin

The ART Knowledge Hub is an Information Resource Centre that effectively and 
efficiently identifies, gathers, manages and disseminates information on ART 
and makes it easily accessible and available to Healthcare Workers.  

Main functions of the ART Knowledge Hub

- To continuously gather, generate and compile up-to-date information on ART
- To disseminate information on ART 
- To act as a Portal for ART information in the region.  The Hub is a 
?one-stop-shop? for ART information. 
- To transmit and transfer knowledge and skills on ART through education and 

Services offered 

1.  Training 

The ART Knowledge Hub provides training on integrated HIV/AIDS care, prevention 
and treatment. The training focuses on imparting Healthcare Workers with 
requisite knowledge and skills to deliver effective, holistic HIV treatment, 
care and support in primary healthcare settings.  

2.  Information provision

The ART Knowledge Hub provides Healthcare Workers with the most up-to-date 
information on ART to continuously update their skills and knowledge.    The 
information is available in the following formats;

- Books
- Training manuals and curricula
- CDs, DVDs and videos
- Journals, Articles and Reports 
- Cutting edge research studies and surveys in ART
- Multi media advocacy tools e.g. Pamphlets/brochures/posters
- Speeches and presentations
- Press releases and current news
- Best practices and personal stories
- URLs and useful weblinks on ART

3. Information gathering

The ART Knowledge Hub continuously gathers, generates and compiles information 
on ART.  Individuals and organisations can send to the Hub, their publications, 
materials, articles, reports, surveys and any useful information on ART for the 
benefit of other Healthcare Workers in Africa.  

4. Easy access to ART information

The Hub provides easy access to a variety of materials in one place therefore, 
information can be retrieved quickly and easily, thereby reducing the amount of 
time spent locating key resources and materials. The ART Knowledge Hub provides 
the following access services:
- Walk in access service: you can visit the Hub which is located in the main 
AMREF Library in Nairobi and get your information on ART.  The Library working 
hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am ? 8.00 pm and Saturday 9.00 am ? 4.00 pm.
- Online access service: you can access all the available materials via the 
AMREF online library facility.
- Interactive access futures: you can register for email alerts on Hub updates 
and new arrivals; feedback forms for comments, ideas and suggestions for 
improvement of the Hub; on-line forms for sending materials and resources you 
would like to be included in the Hub and survey and opinions polls on specific 
ART issues.
- Mail access service: you can post, email, telephone or fax your articles and 
enquiries on ART to the following address:
The ART Knowledge Hub
Directorate of Learning Systems
African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
Lang'ata Road, Opposite Wilson Airport
P O Box 00506 27691
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 6993000 
Direct line: +254 20 6993219
Fax:  +254 20 609518

We acknowledge all the support received from the German Federal Ministry for 
Economic Cooperation and Development and AMREF Germany

Joyce Kariuki

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