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[afro-nets] Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS Resource Pack

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS Resource Pack

Are you working on mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in development sec-

Have you heard about or used a resource pack on mainstreaming
HIV/AIDS produced by the HIV/AIDS Knowledge programme at the
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine?

It is called, "Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in development sectors - a
resource pack for practitioners and policy makers."

The pack includes a 50 page document called "HIV/AIDS Main-
streaming: A definition, some experiences and strategies" and
can be found here:

If you have either heard about or used the pack or document,
Healthlink Worldwide would like to hear from you about your ex-
periences. If you have not heard about or used the pack, but are
working in mainstreaming HIV/AIDS, we would still like to hear
from you about other approaches and resources you are using.

Any responses will form part of a case study and the final out-
put will be available in February 2006.

Please contact
Alison Dunn
or telephone +44-207-549-0250.

Thank you.

Alison Dunn, Research Officer
Exchange/ Healthlink Worldwide

Exchange/Healthlink Worldwide
56-64 Leonard Street
London, EC2A 4JX, UK
Tel: +44-207-549-0250
Fax: +44-207-549-0241

Exchange is working with The Equi-TB
Knowledge Programme at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
to communicate and disseminate research findings. 

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