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Education for ALL! (4)

Dear Dabesaki,

EFA by 2015 is impossible in Africa due to the following rea-
sons: most people in Africa live under extreme poverty to the
extent that they can not afford even small needs of their kids
like school uniforms. This leads to many parents to opt to force
their kids to do small business so that to contribute the income
to their family.

Girls have been suffering in Africa due to unwanted pregnancies
due to poverty; therefore their forced to enter into bad rela-
tionship due to poverty surrounded their family.

The slow speed of our governments to prepare human resources
like teachers to cope with population growth is a very big issue
to be focused. As you can see the ratio between teachers and
students in existing schools is not accurate.

In Tanzania for example the Government has done a very nice job
to built classes that could accommodate all the pupils eligible
to go to school for the current population in all villages of
the country, but the big challenge up to the moment is how to
get teachers. Therefore even if all the kids will be enrolled to
school, the quality of education will be affected due to the
fact that teachers and pupils will be unequal. Another observa-
tion that will affect EFA, is the culture that, segregate girls
and favours boys to get education. African parents in the vil-
lages believe that girls will be married and then will not con-
tribute in their origin families; that is why they don't take
them to school. This should be addressed.

African pastoralist like Masai, Mang'ati, Gogo and Bushmens like
Hadzabe who normally travel to look for green pasture and live
with their animals in the forest are also to be considered in a
special way. The Government built special boarding schools for
their kids but they don't attend. Also HIV/AIDS has produced a
lot of orphans who normally fail to get education due to lack of
school needs like uniforms, pens, exercises books etc. EFA will
not be successful unless this vulnerable group has been consid-
ered and helped.

Africa has now a conducive environment for manmade and natural
disaster like wars, hunger, flood, diseases, undemocratic elec-
tion, and poor division of resources. All these affect women and
children therefore EFA for 2015 shall not reach its goal in Af-
rica until most of this problems are solved. For example how the
child can attend school while there is no food at home or if the
war is going on most of the school is closed like in DRC, Ivory
cost, Sudan etc.

To conclude, peace and security poverty, hunger war, human re-
source, and disease (HIV/AIDS) should be treated and solved be-
cause these are chronic problems. It's better to be highlighted
wisely in order to give EFA good environment. Maybe by 2025 EFA
could be possible. But the question of QEFA will not be possible
to public schools because most of government cannot afford qual-
ity teachers, environment, teaching and learning materials.

Ally Hussein (BA edu,hons)
Library and Documentation Manager
Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre
P.o.Box 53
Ifakara, Morogoro
Mobile: +255-744897325
Office: +255-23-262-5164
Fax: +255-23-262-5312

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