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[afro-nets] Education for ALL! (3)

Education for ALL! (3)

Depends on how we define education. A common fallacy is to con-
fuse literacy with education. And when you define literacy "as a
minimum the ability to sign your name" it becomes a big joke.
Millions of people can sign their names, but cannot even read
what they are signing for. And millions of graduates are not
aware of basic ground courtesy, leave alone having a sense of
values or propriety. Therefore I consider it a pipedream to
think of Education For All (EFA) in 10 years; and will go the
same way as the Health For All (HFA) slogan - at least for that
we had 30 years, and still could do nothing.

What is needed is for man to think that he is part of a milieu
and must respect and care for people and things around him. This
is the end result of education, and we must think of ways to do
this. Schooling has not worked.

Manjula Datta

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