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[afro-nets] Education for All! (2)

Education for All! (2)

Hello Debesaki,

Thank you for this post. I also attended this meeting as did ap-
proximately twenty other participants from all over the world -
including Africa, North America, Eastern Europe, and South Amer-
ica. It was a truly memorable conference and I most learned from
the experiences of delegates who shared their personal struggles
to go to school. All participants came from marginalized commu-
nities who are often systematically discriminated against in
their countries.

Education is a human right and should be of quality and univer-
sally accessible - regardless of ones finances, where a person
lives in a country, gender, etc. There has been, and there con-
tinues to be, a movement to eliminate school fees in some coun-
tries. A few countries in Africa have eliminated school fees but
this is a part of the equation to making education a right for
all. With the growth now in the millions of children orphaned as
a result of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, we (individuals,
communities, governments) should focus on comprehensive and
long-lasting strategies on how these children can go/return to
school with the reality that they most often not be able to pay
for it.

In addition to children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, I have
a concern about the provision of Education for All in rural ar-
eas. A majority of people in developing countries (almost 72%)
reside in rural areas and 70% of the poor in the world are ru-
ral. Education for those living in rural settings should be of
quality, sensitive to the rural context, but still comparable to
the rest of the country.

Thank you,

Neema Mgana
African Regional Youth Initiative

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