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[afro-nets] Nigeria Abstinence Coalition: Request for Partnership

Nigeria Abstinence Coalition: Request for Partnership

Dear Friends,

The Nigeria Abstinence Coalition is a national network of over
88 NGOs, CBOs and faith-based groups who promote premarital sex-
ual abstinence and mutual spousal fidelity as a realistic strat-
egy for stemming the serial epidemics of sexually transmitted
diseases including HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and abortion-
related deaths in Nigeria.

At the just concluded 2nd National Abstinence Leadership train-
ing workshop hosted at Lagos University Teaching Hospital on Oc-
tober 19-21, 2005, an ambitious "Project One Million Absti-
nence/Fidelity Advocates" campaign was launched. The goal is to
within five years raise one million Nigerians who believe in,
live out and promote sexual purity as a healthy norm of social

The 75 Abstinence/Fidelity Advocates who received intensive
training on strategic approaches to teaching abstinence / fidel-
ity-based character education were commissioned as foot soldiers
to carry the campaign to their respective target populations. A
tracking/monitoring tool is being designed by a member organiza-
tion in Ibadan.

The Coalition distributes some Abstinence Pledge cards which
among other things serve as a reinforcement tool for those who,
following abstinence-based workshop, voluntarily choose to re-
main virgins or secondary virgins until marriage. Research shows
that youths who make the Pledge have 40% chances of not engaging
in risky sexual behaviours.

Dear colleagues, the Nigeria Abstinence Coalition is keen to
partner with the your organization. We are able to promote the
godly virtue of chaste living from a secular programming per-
spective applying different methods of reinforcing the moral
teachings that your Group imparts promotes. This integrated ap-
proach to character building is working in many parts of the
world including Uganda, preventing diseases and saving lives.

Our dream is to effect a silent social revolution in Nigeria by
the grace of God and the active partnership with your office.
The Coalition can train national, regional or provincial youth
and family unit coordinators as master trainers to cascade the
campaign throughout your organization in Nigeria while we pro-
vide technical and programmatic back-up support as may be

We hope that you will work with us to plan a massive interven-
tion for next year. I will be glad to provide further clarifica-

Yours truly,

Dr. Emmanuel Okechukwu
Nigeria Abstinence Coalition
Mobile phone: +234-8034745345

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