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[afro-nets] Child with constant cough (8)

Child with constant cough (8)

I have come to note that the child is HIV positive but the par-
ent does not want to face the truth and never comes out in the
open to say why she is always sick, but I realise from the medi-
cation that he buys for her (antibiotics) that he knows what is
going on but is not willing to open it to me. I will get tested
but I will not be able to get him to do the same to her because
she is not my baby.

Thank you all for your insights, but all will only help if the
legal parent is willing to face the facts upfront and look after
the child and probably prolong its life.

God bless you all, I suppose he is the one who can take over and
remind us of our obligations as parents.

Ms Ntobeko Ncube
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Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council
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