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[afro-nets] Would "Bells for AIDS" global advocacy work?

Would "Bells for AIDS" global advocacy work?

Global advocacy campaigns are mostly carried out by big donors,
UN agencies or large NGOs. Here is an example of a grassroots
initiative of concerned individuals, who decided to mobilize
communities and individuals from around the world to join a
united effort to raise awareness to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The
Jerusalem AIDS Project is calling on women, man and youth to
ring a bell (any bell) for 60 seconds on Thursday, December 1,
2005 - World AIDS Day of 2005, at 20:00 GMT. The initiative's
web is: The group is aiming in mobi-
lizing the ringing of 1,000,000 bells around the world.

The purpose of this initiative is to:
a. Highlight the need for improved HIV/AIDS Literacy worldwide.
b. Raise awareness to the current dynamics of the AIDS pandemic.
c. Increase involvement of 4 groups in HIV prevention, VCT, care
and support: backpackers, faith-based leaders, medical students
and "neighbors".
d. Solicit more individual and community participation in the
global efforts to halt the spread of HIV.

Please visit the Website and add your ring. Am also interested
in learning of similar initiatives in Africa and other regions.

Dr Inon I Schenker, PhD, MPH
Senior HIV/AIDS Prevention Specialist
Chair, The Bells is Ringing

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