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[afro-nets] 106 countries ratify Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

106 countries ratify Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

from Vern Weitzel <>

Today, November 8th is the deadline for countries to ratify the
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control treaty in order to par-
ticipate in setting policy on the treaty's implementation in
February 2006.

On November 7, Ireland brought the number of countries that have
ratified the treaty to 106. These 106 nations will form the
treaty's governing body, called the Conference of the Parties,
and will meet for the first time February 6-17, 2006, in Geneva,
Switzerland. These countries will discuss and make decisions re-
garding implementation, funding and enforcement of the treaty.

The Convention seeks to protect present and future generations
from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic
consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco
smoke by providing a framework for tobacco control measures.

The Convention's provisions set international standards on to-
bacco price and tax increases, tobacco advertising and sponsor-
ship, labeling, illicit trade and second-hand tobacco smoke,
among others. The treaty also sets forth a requirement to coop-
erate with other Parties on scientific research and technical

ProCOR congratulates the 106 countries, representing two-thirds
of the world's population, which have ratified the treaty. These
countries include major tobacco producing nations such as China
and Japan; countries with strong domestic tobacco control poli-
cies, such as Thailand, Australia and Norway; and countries hop-
ing to use the treaty to improve laws and regulations, such as
France and Mexico.

Ratification and effective implementation of the treaty are
critical to turning the tide of the global tobacco epidemic. To-
bacco use kills nearly five million people worldwide every year.
If current trends continue, it will kill 10 million a year by
the year 2020, with 70 percent of those deaths in developing na-

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