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[afro-nets] Please help us end malaria's global reign of terror

Please help us end malaria's global reign of terror

From: Paul Driessen

As you know so well from bitter personal experience, many devel-
oping countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America face a terri-
ble health and human rights crisis: 500 million of their people
get malaria every year, and over 1 million die.

A principal reason is that far too many global "health" organi-
zations refuse to fund or even permit or support the use of pes-
ticides, especially DDT. The U.S. Agency for International De-
velopment, World Health Organization, Roll Back Malaria and
UNICEF are among the worst offenders.

Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! is a global campaign to change
this horrendous situation. I hope you can make a few minutes in
your busy schedule to read the attached Declaration and endorse
this bipartisan effort by people of conscience from every color,
religion and political affiliation. You would join a co-founder
of Greenpeace... the national chairman of the Congress of Racial
Equality... physicians and scientists, including disease experts
from Harvard, France, Thailand and the United States... admirals
and generals... relief organization workers... rabbis, priests,
pastors and religious leaders ... business and political lead-
ers... public policy experts... and many other concerned citi-
zens from all over the world.

Perhaps the most prominent and important endorsement of all,
however, is not listed here, because it just came in:

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate from
South Africa!

Our goal is to convince the United States Congress and these
agencies that they must implement malaria control programs that
work. That means they must include DDT and other insecticides,
along with Artemisia-based combination therapies (ACTs). Other-
wise, millions will continue to die needlessly, year after year.

Specifically, we want the United States Congress to dedicate
two-thirds of future malaria spending to these insecticides and
modern ACT drugs that actually cure malaria.

Some may say this figure is too high. However, over the past
decade, the USAID and other government agencies have spent hun-
dreds of millions of dollars on "capacity building" and "techni-
cal assistance." On talk. (In fact, the U.S. Agency for Interna-
tional Development will receive $105 million in 2006 for malaria
control - but we expect them to spend about $0 on DDT. In 2004,
it had a budget of $80 million, but spent just $4 million on bed
nets, nothing on insecticides, a tiny amount on medicines, and
over $60 million on conferences and consultants, and most of
this was spent in the United States!) They've spent virtually
nothing on DDT, ACT drugs and other interventions that actually
reduce malaria and save lives. The burden of proof is on our
critics, to demonstrate why a different percentage is appropri-
ate and necessary.

We have already written to President Bush, Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice and many members of Congress. We have met with
a number of them. And we are continuing to build greater and
greater pressure for change. The more we can show that the
United States and world stand behind us, through signatures on
this Declaration, the easier it will be to change those policies
and save lives. Please join us.

Please read the Declaration - and help lead the way to moral,
humanitarian, life-saving policies, by joining our coalition to
Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! For more information, please visit

If you stand with us, please email your consent, title, affilia-
tion and state or country of residence to

Please also consider recruiting other signatories whose support
may help us attain our goal of stopping the unnecessary and un-
conscionable deaths of countless innocent children and parents
in Africa and throughout the developing world. Send our Declara-
tion to them, and ask them to sign it, too.

If you have already signed it, please save this updated version
and use it when you contact your colleagues and ask them to join
our campaign.

Millions of people will be alive to thank you.

Paul Driessen
Senior policy advisor
Congress of Racial Equality
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Hamisi Masanja Malebo
PhD Candidate (Medicinal Phytochemistry)
Department of Chemistry, Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844, Nairobi, Kenya
Mobile: +254-721-922-096
Fax: +254-228-11242

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