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[afro-nets] New SciDev.Net Malaria Dossier

New SciDev.Net Malaria Dossier

Dear colleagues,

Keep up-to-date on the latest news and opinions about malaria
research and policy.

In the past few years, malaria has grabbed a large share of the
world's attention. And although more money is being spent on
tackling the disease than ever, it still falls far short of what
is needed. How should these limited funds be spent? And how can
developing countries acquire the scientific capacity to fight
diseases that kill millions every year?

This week, we launch a 'dossier' of specially commissioned in-
depth articles relating to the prevention, treatment and control
of malaria. These include policy briefs and opinions, as well as
the latest news, and useful links to key documents and organisa-

Our policy briefs are authoritative and accessible articles on
key aspects of malaria research and policy including prevention,
control, and treatment, commissioned from leading experts. High-
lights include:

* Challenges and opportunities in using artemisinin-combination
therapies - Karen Barnes and Salim Abdulla

* How awareness of malaria diagnosis, treatment cost, education
and training, is required to introduce artemisinin-combination
therapy in high-intensity malaria transmission areas success-

Preparing for malaria epidemics - Madeleine Thomson and Stephen
A new malaria early warning and response system aims to ease the
burden in epidemic-prone regions. 

More policy briefs... 

Opinions articles are commissioned or reprinted pieces, written
by key stakeholders keen to express a viewpoint. Highlights in-
What capacity for Africa? - Wilfred Mbacham

African scientists need more than scientific curiosity in order
to build research capacity - they must also become good fund
managers, team players and communicators. 

Getting bednets and malaria drugs to those in need - Jeffrey
Sachs, Awash Teklehaimanot, Gordon McCord

Mass distribution of free nets and mass free access to artemisi-
nin-combination therapy are essential for overcoming the burden
of malaria successfully. 

More opinions...

The material we provide is intended to equip readers at all lev-
els of expertise with an understanding of both the basics and
the potential of malaria research and policy, and its future di-
rection. We hope that it is helpful to educators, scientists,
doctors, healthcare providers and policymakers in developing

New material will be continuously added to what is, our latest
dossier and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you
would like to comment on this or any other of our resources
please contact: <>

Please do take the time to pass on this information to your
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Kind regards,

Jemima Tonks

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