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[afro-nets] Africa fooled on Mosquito/Malaria Control? (15)

Africa fooled on Mosquito/Malaria Control? (15) - Report

Dear All,

We have been debating on various issues on malaria control in
Africa. As Dr. Kitua previously commented it is not good such a
good debate to end up without instituting any tangible action.
While country efforts are being mobilized on the review of ma-
laria control approaches, it is better we write a book which
will help WHO, donors, African Unit (AU), malaria control manag-
ers, scientists, medical students and practitioners, policy mak-
ers etc.

In this regard and to serve time, I would like to request scien-
tists who are interested to join hands in this matter, to submit
the topic(s) they are read to write in the book. So long as we
are very categorical on historical issues surrounding malaria
control in Africa it will be an asset for writers to focus on
the history of malaria in Africa, control efforts, policies, WHO
and other organizations, world funding trends on malaria control
activities, Institutions doing malaria research in Africa and
their area of interests and clues on funds they invest in the
study etc.

I propose together with me, the following to assist with the
editorial work for the book:

Mr. Hamisi M. Malebo

Dr. Andrew Y. Kitua

Dr. Leonard E.G. Mboera

Prof. Michael A. Kishimba

Prof. Wenceslaus Kilama

Prof. Ahmed Hassanali

Dr. Peter Burgess

Hamisi Masanja Malebo,
Research Scientist (Medicinal & Bio-Organic Chemistry)
National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)
P.O. Box 9653
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Mobile: +255-744-383-143
Fax: +255-22-2121-360/380

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