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[afro-nets] Supercourse Newsletter, October 30, 2005 (2)

Supercourse Newsletter, October 30, 2005 (2)

Though my heart goes out to the thousands of families of dead
and injured and suffering, earthquakes and floods are acts of
GOD to warn people of the fury of nature, which no human ingenu-
ity can stop.

Nature warns people not to be greedy and kill innocent lives in
terrorism and wars, lest nature would compensate and take its
toll, in its own ways.

Killing innocent lives for the sake of supremacy and hegemony is
something to be avoided. This is a lesson for all right thinking
of the world and warning for the wrong thinking. Global peace
and prosperity cannot be purchased or remotely controlled.

What we need to teach our children and incidentally some of the
grown ups who would not listen to us like Bush, Blaire,
Mussharaf and their entire countrymen is to stop violence
against the innocent in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indian Kashmir, Pal-
estine, etc.

If someone disagrees, you are most welcome to correct me.

Kris Dev

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