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E-Learning Course on HIV and AIDS
Online course: 
01 December 2005 (World AIDS Day) - 19 February 2006
Face-to-face seminar: 13 ? 17 March 2006, South Africa
Organised by Health Division
InWEnt ? Capacity Building International, Germany
Why this course?
The HIV and AIDS epidemic has reached such a dimension that, 
along with other global problems, it became a central obstacle 
for achieving development in many of the affected countries 
worldwide. The social and economic consequences of HIV and AIDS 
in high-prevalence countries, e.g. in Africa are devastating and 
widespread. The effects are not limited to the health sector but 
are felt throughout society and the economy ? in education, in-
dustry, agriculture, and transportation. This course is an in-
troduction to HIV and AIDS. It provides a starting-point for de-
veloping a clear understanding of the global epidemic, as well 
as an opportunity for participants to examine their own beliefs 
and attitudes towards HIV and AIDS and those affected by the 
Aim and Target Group
This course is designed for professionals who deal with HIV and 
AIDS issues in various contexts, e.g. health, education, civil 
society, business, or development co-operation. By improving 
general knowledge and raising awareness of HIV and AIDS, the 
course endeavours to encourage and empower its participants to 
respond to the epidemic in their home countries. According to 
the main InWEnt partner countries we are specifically inviting 
applicants from Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mo-
zambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, and Tanzania. 
Structured around the most common questions regarding HIV and 
AIDS, this modular course provides basic medical knowledge and 
epidemiological facts about the infection, offers analyses of 
the socio-cultural and socio-economic framework of HIV and AIDS 
and examines the most common interventions and mechanisms devel-
oped to cope with the epidemic today and in the future. 
Module 1: Why is HIV and AIDS a threat to development and secu-
Module 2: What is HIV and AIDS? 
Module 3: Who is affected by HIV and AIDS? 
Module 4: How to respond to HIV and AIDS? 
The course concludes with a face-to-face seminar. The detailed 
programme of this seminar will be developed based on the spe-
cific interests of the course participants. 
Structure of the course
A two week online introductory phase will precede the start of 
the course. During this introduction participants will have the 
chance to familiarise themselves with the online environment and 
the various communication tools, as well as to become acquainted 
with the other participants. 
The e-learning phase is comprised of four modules, which are to 
be completed consecutively. Participants will only gain access 
to a module once the preceding one has been completed.
Each course module is designed to run over a two-week period and 
will take five to eight hours to complete, plus one hour of chat 
time at the end.
Following the online phase, a five-day face-to-face seminar will 
be conducted in South Africa in March 2006. It will enable par-
ticipants to develop projects for putting into practice what 
they have learned during the e-learning phase.
Learning Methods
The course follows a blended learning approach, with the online 
modules being completed by a five-day face-to-face seminar. The 
entire course will be supported by tutors, who will be in direct 
contact with the participants throughout the modules, and who 
will be able to direct participants' questions to experts as 
needed. The continuous interaction amongst participants them-
selves, as well as between the participants, tutors and other 
experts is an integral part of the course's design. There are 
several tools available on the Global Campus 21 learning plat-
form that enable interaction, communication and co-operation. 
They include a chat room, a pin board for posting information of 
general interest, a document pool for exchanging completed mate-
rial and asynchronous discussion tools.
Language English
Introduction: 01 ? 18 December 2005
Module 1: 19 December 2005 ? 08 January 2006
Module 2: 09 ? 22 January 2006
Module 3: 23 January ? 05 February 2006
Module 4: 06 - 19 February 2006
Face-to-face seminar: 13 ? 17 March 2006 in South Africa
The students must have a very good standard of English language 
proficiency. This should be demonstrated, if possible, by previ-
ous attendance of seminars, lectures or conferences held in Eng-
lish. Internet access is necessary. 
A maximum number of 35 students can be accepted for the online 
course. Final official invitations will be issued to accepted 
applicants. Participants who have successfully taken part in the 
e-learning phase are eligible to join the face-to-face seminar 
for a maximum of 24 students.
InWEnt will provide full board accommodation during the face-to-
face seminar in South Africa for all attendees. International 
and local travel costs (economy class flights and flight related 
expenses) will be covered by InWEnt. Travelling arrangements 
will be made by the participants. Expenses will be reimbursed by 
InWEnt only on presentation of original receipts. Any other ad-
ditional costs need to be covered by the participants. It is 
recommended to bring sufficient extra money for personal ex-
During the face-to-face seminar the participants are covered by 
insurance for emergency care and accidents. This insurance does 
not include travel insurance, though, or costs of visa, medical 
examinations or any loss or damage of personal belongings. Par-
ticipants will receive a certificate of InWEnt at the end certi-
fying the successful completion of the course.
Application Deadline: 22 November 2005
Please fill in the application form downloadable at:
and send it, together with your CV, by e-mail or fax to the fol-
lowing address:
InWEnt - Capacity Building International, Germany
Health Division
Mrs Martina Egizii
Tulpenfeld 5
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49-228-2434?823
Fax: +49-228-2434?844

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