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UK Health Watch Report

Forwarded message from Alex Scott-Samuel 
(Press release for the UK Health Watch report)

UK Health Worse under New Labour, Says New Report on Eve of Eu
Presidency Health Inequalities Summit

On the day that the UK government, as part of its EU Presidency,
hosts a two day Health Inequalities Summit conference in London,
a new report claims that health inequalities have deteriorated
as a direct result of government policies.

?Doing better but feeling worse? is how UK Health Watch 2005 -
an 'alternative UK health report' from the Politics of Health
Group - describes health in the UK in 2005. ?Although average
life expectancy in the UK continues to increase, the inequali-
ties between rich and poor people, and the problems faced by so-
cially excluded groups, have got steadily worse under New La-
bour. This is confirmed by the Government?s own statistics?,
says Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, joint editor of the report and Joint
Chair of the Politics of Health Group.

The report ­ which is published online and is free to download ­
( presents a wide range
of articles on what it calls 'the experience of health in an un-
equal society'. An overall theme of the report is the need for
the Government to 'refocus upstream' - to go beyond the common
focus on diseases and lifestyles, and to address the social and
political influences that are responsible for ill-health and
inequality. Most of the report?s articles identify economic fac-
tors like poverty and income inequality, together with social
influences like unequal opportunities and discrimination, as the
upstream factors requiring urgent preventive action.

UK Health Watch 2005 is the UK's contribution to Global Health
Watch - an alternative world health report launched by the Peo-
ple's Health Movement in July 2005. ?UK Health Watch 2005 - the
experience of health in an unequal society? by the Politics of
Health Group, can be downloaded at

The Global Health Watch report ( was
launched in July 2005 by the People's Health Movement at the 2nd
People's Health Assembly in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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