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[afro-nets] Africa fooled on Mosquito/Malaria Control? (5)

Africa fooled on Mosquito/Malaria Control? (5)

Dear All,

Hamisi has got everyone of us sensititized and I thank him and
everyone for that. I am not in any doubt that malaria control
and indeed eradication of any parasitic disease cannot be
achieved in a circumstance where vector control is improperly
handled. I am not a public health expert but I think we need to
completely overhaul our physical as well as our social environ-
ment. Could sociologists and public health experts kindly prof-
fer some advice on the issue?

The ITNs is a success story going by reports but in areas of ma-
jor disasters and where ITNs become more costly and/or difficult
to use, aerial spraying will certainly be appropriate and that
is temporary measure. Prof Kilama, I hope I am not derailing,
kindly assist! Public health experts out there which way for-


Dr F. A. Fehintola,
Senior Lecturer/Consultant clinical pharmacologist
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
College of Medicine
University of Ibadan
Ibadan, Nigeria

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