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[afro-nets] New online forum on female condom

New online forum on female condom

The Female Condom: Accelerating Access & Use
Online Forum, October 26 - November 22, 2005

This online forum follows a Global Consultation on the Female
Condom, held September 26-29, 2005 in Baltimore, MD. This con-
sultation brought together experts to review evidence of the fe-
male condom's effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and sexually
transmitted infections (STIs) and to learn about country program
experiences. The consultation developed a Plan of Action for
moving forward to accelerate access to and use of the female
condom in developing countries. Discussion on the forum will
follow the themes addressed at the consultation and will extend
this discourse to a broader global community. An announcement on
the Global Consultation has additional information on the Sep-
tember meeting itself at

In addition, all the presentations from the Global Consultation
are available online at

This online forum will be cosponsored by PATH, WHO and The INFO
Project (at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Center for Communication Programs) and will be held within the
Implementing Best Practices (IBP) Electronic Communication Sys-
tem (ECS). This online system already includes over 100 differ-
ent communities and over 2,600 individual members. The ECS
"Global Community" serves all 2,600+ members and features a
weekly newsletter, information on new publications, a calendar
of events, and other features. The web address is

Audience for this forum: donors, researchers, women's health ad-
vocates, program planners, product procurement specialists, and
ministry of health officials.

To focus the discussions we have planned four different discus-
sion themes - one for each week:

Week 1: October 26-November 1
- Sharing Country Experiences with the Female Condom
Week 2: November 2-8
- Current Status of Research Findings
Week 3: November 9-15
- New products in development
Week 4 November 16-22
- Expanding access and use

Please join us to share your own country-based experiences, to
find out about new products and current research.

How to participate:

To sign up for the forum send an e-mail to with "female condom" in the sub-
ject line.

You will become a member of the ECS "Global Community" and the
"Female Condom" community. Membership is free and can continue
beyond the forum end date. Once a member, you can also request
membership in other IBP/ECS communities.

Please include in your e-mail:
1. your given name and surname
2. the organization where you work
3. the country where you work

You will receive an e-mail explaining how the forum will work
and how to access the ECS. We look forward to a stimulating and
useful discussion.

Best regards,

PATH, INFO and the IBP

Peggy D'Adamo - Manager, Networking
The INFO Project -
111 Market Place, Suite 310 - Baltimore, MD 21202 USA
Tel. +1-410-659-6256
Fax: +1-410-659-6266

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