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Call for letters of intent

For PDF versions of the Pre-announcement (in English, French,
and Spanish, visit the News section at

Call for Letters of Intent to be issued on 31 October 2005

Global Health Research Initiative Teasdale-Corti Team Grants


The Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI), a partnership be-
tween the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Health Canada,
and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), in-
vites letters of intent from teams composed of Canadian and low-
and middle-income country (LMIC) researchers and research users
(e.g. policymakers, practitioners, and civil society organiza-
tions) interested in developing innovative multi-year programs
that combine applied research, knowledge translation, and capac-
ity building to solve pressing health problems in LMICs. In-
spired by the ongoing legacy of Drs Lucille Teasdale and Piero
Corti, the Teasdale-Corti Team Grants are the first major ini-
tiative undertaken by a new, collaborative health research pro-
gram developed by the GHRI, The Teasdale-Corti Global Health Re-
search Partnership Program.

The initial round will provide approximately $10 million (Cana-
dian dollars throughout) over four years for work primarily
in the following thematic areas:

* health policy and systems research;
* prevention and control of pandemic and/or emerging infectious
   diseases (including a focus on HIV/AIDS);
* prevention and control of chronic diseases and their underly-
   ing causes (e.g. tobacco use, nutrition), and healthy public
   policy issues; and
* interactions of health, environment, and development.

Gender and equity analysis are an integral aspect of these
grants. In addition, applicants can submit proposals that ad-
dress one of the four broad thematic areas from an overall per-
spective emphasizing gender, equity, or vulnerable populations
(e.g. Indigenous Peoples).

This new initiative is intended to complement other global in-
vestments such as the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initia-
tive ( and, therefore, will not sup-
port the development of new technologies. These grants will help
build South-North global health research partnerships and
strengthen teams and institutions crucial to developing and im-
plementing sustainable solutions to global health challenges.


The objectives of the Teasdale-Corti Global Health Research
Partnership Program are to

* foster international partnerships and collaboration to promote
the  generation and effective communication and use of relevant
health research  (including consideration of environmental, eco-
nomic, sociocultural,  and public policy factors) in, for and by
low- and middle-income countries;

* train and support researchers responsive to policy and prac-
tice  priorities of LMICs relating to or influencing health; and

* support active collaboration between researchers and research
users (e.g. policymakers, practitioners, civil society organiza-
tions, and community members).

Funds Available

* Approximately CA $10 million over four years will be available
   for Phase I.
* Successful applicants at the letter of intent stage may be
   awarded up to CA $15,000 each to develop their full proposals.
* Successful applicants at the full proposal stage will be
   awarded multi-year grants of up to a total of CA $1.6 million
   per grant over four years.

Look for further information on 31 October 2005 on the following
Web sites:;

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