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Mosquito/Malaria Control (51)

Dear Colleagues

I agree with Maurice R. Odiere that there should be research so
that the very best malaria control program is being imple-
mented... but the sad reality is that there has been about forty
years of limited research and almost no serious efforts to
eradicate malaria in the global "south". As a result we now have
little idea what we are doing, what we need to do and thousands
of people, mainly children, are dieing every day.

Yes it would be good to have more research, but let us do it
WITHIN a comprehensive program that is operational, reasonably
well funded and working practically to start a process that gets
rid of mosquitoes and solves the malaria problem.

I am an advocate for a comprehensive program using every avail-
able intervention that can give a good outcome and best possible
cost. Like Bill Nesler I am opposed to ITN as the single solu-
tion to the malaria problem... and I am also opposed to aerial
spraying as the single solutions to the problem. Certainly in
the framework of the planning for the Liberia One anti-malaria
project it is not the intention to use aerial spraying and noth-
ing else... but it is also likely that without aerial spraying
there cannot be complete success... simply because of the nature
of the location with a big area of marsh very near the city cen-

I hope Maurice Odiere is not an advocate of do nothing... or the
"phantom aid" modality that simply studies and never actually
gets round to doing anything practical and tangible and benefi-
cial. I want to see study, and feedback to optimise what is be-
ing funded properly and getting done.


Peter Burgess
Tr-Ac-Net in New York
Tel. +1-212-772-6918
The Transparency and Accountability Network
With Kris Dev in Chennai India
and others in South Asia, Africa and Latin America 

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