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[afro-nets] Mosquito/Malaria Control (50)

Mosquito/Malaria Control (50)

Thanks Derek for taking up on Bill's challenge. It remains a
fact that integrated/multifaceted approach (using more than one
intervention) would be the best way forward. Bill came out
strongly against ITN-use as a control tool. Without taking us
back to the ITN debate, it would be important to note that it is
the same industries that manufacture these chemicals that are
used here, be it impregnation on nets or for spraying purposes.

The fact that there is little evidence for complete malaria
eradication without the broad use of insecticides does not nec-
essarily imply that insecticides are the 'magic bullet' or pana-
cea to malaria control. Probably it would be a wake-up call for
additional research towards attempts in malaria control WITHOUT

Cheers all!

Maurice R.Odiere
CDC-Entomology section
P.O.Box 1578
Kisumu, Kenya
Tel:  +254-572022902(Office)
Cell: +254-721-845-777

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