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Mosquito/Malaria Control (45)


Something that must be understood is that we are not discussing
farm style spraying here. In agricultural operations 1 to 10
gallons per acre is in the normal application range. In mosquito
control operations less than one ounce per acre is the norm, re-
sulting in a 95% or greater mortality in the mosquito popula-
tion. If this type operation is sustained in a judicious manner,
the impact on malaria transmission will be quite dramatic. In
combination with the other methods of mosquito/malaria control,
the disease can be eradicated in a given locality and recurrence

Those are the facts. It has been done and can be done in tropi-
cal Africa, given the will and funding necessary. If all of us
just throw up our hands and say it can't work, it's guaranteed
not to.

Bill Nesler

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