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[afro-nets] The neglected epidemic of chronic diseases (5)

The neglected epidemic of chronic diseases (5)

As always, incisive comments from Dr. Banerji!

With respects, should we not pay some attention to the workforce
decimation due to chronic diseases? A frighteningly large number
of heart attacks and stroke are in the economically productive
age group. And, if we do not do something about these diseases,
the health budget will be swallowed up by intensive care, and
dialysis-transplantation units.

India is in a peculiar situation. The epidemiologic transition
has not kept pace with the demographic transition. Consequently
we have a double burden of disease... and several double burdens
within these... HIV, TB, Diabetes, Hypertension etc.

The question is: Can we come up with a Public Health Paradigm
that takes both situations into account?

Manjula Datta

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