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[afro-nets] Do we really know the Ugandan HIV/AIDS situation?

Do we really know the Ugandan HIV/AIDS situation?

Hi all,

There has been a lot of arguments regarding what we know about
HIV/AIDS situation and whether it is enough. A number of prob-
lems have been described ranging from estimation methods to ac-
cessibility of data. There are truly places like Ivory Coast
etc. where we really do not know situation due to unstable con-

We have a lot of success stories about Uganda and most of them
coming from the famous Rakai study. Rakai is down South of
Uganda, so are the many research results pouring in from Uganda.
They are located in South and Central Uganda.

But what about the rebels infected Northern Uganda? We have a
large population north of Uganda, poorer than other parts of the
country and more vulnerable due to war.

There have been a lot of rape stories from the Lord Resistance
Army militia, and this could be an underestimation as we really
do not know.

What is the real HIV/AIDS/STI situation in this area???? Do we
know? What is the contribution of data emanating from this re-
gion in the overall representativeness of the Ugandan statis-

Do we really know enough???

Dr. Elvis Waniba

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