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Interesting data

Worldwide, there are now over 61,000 transnational corportions
(TNCs) with at least 900,000 foreign affiliates. In 2003, TNCs
employed 54 mill workers compared with 19 mill in 1982. Their
total sales were in excess of US$ 17 trillion, up from 3 tril-
lion in 1982.

Industrial countries account for over 3/4 of all cross-border
trade in services.

In 2004, just as in all other years since 2000, poor countries
transferred more money to industrial countries than vice-versa.
-- some US$ 105 bill in total.
[D+C 32:5, May 2005]

The World Bank has 24 full-time and nominally independent execu-
tive directors, each of whom is supported by an alternate direc-
tor and several advisors and assistants -- at a direct cost of
US$ 56 mill/year. Additionally, it has a 10,000 strong internal
cosseted and overpaid bureaucracy who push loans to get promo-
[F&D, 42:1, March 2005]

Claudio Schuftan

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