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[afro-nets] The neglected epidemic of chronic diseases (4)

The neglected epidemic of chronic diseases (4)
From: Livingstone Musoro <>

In this debate, we should not forget the importance of the wider
socio-economic determinants of health and ill-health as part of
the causes of disease. Public health in developing countries
must move quickly to focus on the wider socio-economic determi-
nants of health/ill-health. It seems as if both Dr Arnold and Dr
Banerji did not think the debate must focus more on these is-
sues. Dr Banerji falls short of including the full argument when
talking of lack of infrastructure and health care services. Yes,
this cannot be denied. However, this gives half the story about
the epidemic of chronic diseases. Socio-economic circumstances
that determine our lifestyles are very important in the occur-
rence of chronic diseases and we need to pay more attention to
this approach.

Dr Livingstone Musoro
London Metropolitan University, UK

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