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[afro-nets] Privatisation will wreck UK's NHS (5)

Privatisation will wreck UK's NHS (5)

1. Performance only is not good to judge service. Equity is just
as important. In fact equity and quality should go together.

2. Private does not translate into efficiency or better perform-
ance. The US system is the most privatised system yet it is in-
equitable but also inefficient. Look at the figures of per cap-
ita cost to get decent service in US compared to any country in

3. Privatisation means profit at some level or other. This means
that private provider has to cover cost AND make profit. Two
points here: first, logically if public has the same cost then
public service can save the amount that would have been profit.
Secondly, private will go where there is profit. I cannot imag-
ine profit in any of the many rural areas and urban slums over
the world. I have worked in these areas and I know what it means
for people to pay.

4. It is sheer hypocrisy that here in Europe we have a welfare
state that cater for poor and rich, but the same Europe leave
the privatisation advocates to advocate for privatisation in
poor countries.

May God protect the UK-NHS and save it from privatisation!

Dr. Mohga Kamal Smith
Health Policy Advisor
Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley
Oxford, OX4 2JY, UK
Tel: +44-1865-472290
Mobile +44-777-62-55884

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