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[afro-nets] 5 is ending where are the 3? (4)

5 is ending where are the 3? (4)

Dear Colleagues

Thank you for bringing the performance of the 3 by 5 program to
our attention. There is a huge community of well intentioned
people who are being misinformed by the leadership and well-paid
experts of the official relief and development assistance (ORDA)
community about programs and plans and performance. There is a
huge amount of publicity as new things get "launched" and then
funding is started, and then funding stops, and then it all ends
"not with a bang but a wimper"... and a new cycle of launching
begins. A lot of people make good money off the "system"... but
rather few of the people hard working in the trenches and the
intended beneficiaries see very much...

I have a huge collection of material about programs being
launched and needs for funds and little examples of great suc-
cess... but very little in the way of how much was spent and how
much was accomplished. There is a systemic disconnect between
the funds being talked about... the funds being disbursed... the
funds being used usefully... and results actually achieved.

There is systemic "leakage" all over the place... and this leak-
age is for the benefit of someone... the question is who?... and
then we need also to know "how?" and fix the problem.

By my standards, there is little or no "management information"
easily available in the ORDA world... there is no transpar-
ency... there is no accountability... but more important THERE
IS NO PERFORMANCE. The "management" in the ORDA world needs to
be held accountable sooner rather than later... and systems need
to be established so that if the ORDA organizations will not do
it for themselves, then it is going to get done externally and
independently... and powerfully.

As a start... I am interested in learning about good people do-
ing good things... how much this costs... and how much of value
is being created. This becomes the basis for some "standards of
performance" against which all ORDA fund flows can be measured.
I see no reason at all why international ORDA costs should be 10
times, or 100 times, or 1000 times the cost of local performance
of critical needs.

In the corporate world, the quality of the analytical accounting
is expected to be very high... when it is not, there is usually
a corporate crash... sooner or later. Meanwhile, the ORDA world
has pathetic analytical information, and it has been crashed for
many years, but a process of systemic misinformation (much of
it, maybe not intentional... or was it?) which has kept real re-
form of the system off the agenda.

It is time for a better process.


Peter Burgess
Tr-Ac-Net in New York
Tel. +1-212-772-6918
The Transparency and Accountability Network
With Kris Dev in Chennai, India
and others in South Asia, Africa and Latin America

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