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[afro-nets] 5 is ending where are the 3? (3)

5 is ending where are the 3? (3)

I wish we could pile up the bodies of the dead in Geneva, or
Washington or other centers of power - the bodies of the men,
women and children who have died unnecessarily while donors re-
fuse to fully fund the Global Fund; while WHO and UNAIDS engage
in turf battles in Geneva; while many of their field staff do
nothing in country; while Ministers of Health and Presidents and
Prime Ministers complain about 3x5 targets, instead of saying
they'll double them; while the IMF says you can hire more health
care workers because its an inflation risk; while the US govern-
ment coordinates with no one...

Where are the 3? Well, many of them who haven't gotten treatment
are dead. The failure to reach our goals, which was only half of
the number of those (6 million) who need it, isn't a failure in
the abstract for those living in Africa, Asia, Latin America,
the Caribbean, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe: it is
absolute carnage, thousands and thousands of funerals for the
young, those in their prime of life. Yes, we should be sombrely
happy that we could save about a million people as the ship of
hope of 3x5 went down, but there are 40 million people living
with HIV.

People living with AIDS and their friends, families and col-
leagues have to rise up against this outrage. Politicians and
bureaucrats have failed in their responsibility to us. Many of
them will move on to other issues now that 3x5 is "ending" since
this isn't a matter of life and death for them, they've got ca-
reers to worry about and can't invest too much of their precious
money, time and resources on an intractable social ill like
HIV/AIDS, especially something as bold as thinking that we have
a right to live-the poor will always be with us someone once
said. Yes, but the dead never come back.

Gregg Gonsalves

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