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[afro-nets] 5 is ending where are the 3?

5 is ending where are the 3?

Dear all,

It occurred to me just today that we are in the 10th month of
2005 and that WHO/UNAIDS set a target to treat 3 million people
living with HIV/AIDS by 2005, so I thought to find out what has
been happening to 3 by 5.

The only document at my disposal is the end of 2004 update, and
the report says that as at the end of 2004, only 700,000 people
of the 5.7 million people needing treatment in resource poor
settings were receiving ARV therapy. Maybe there are more reve-
lations in the mid year progress report for 2005, but I am yet
to see it.

Can somebody please explain to me what is happening to 3 by 5
and what plans are there to extend the 5 to 6 or sustain treat-
ment for the 3 just in case they have all being reached by 5 and
what plans are there to expand access to ARVs by the end of 2005
and beyond? I have been really passionate about 3 by 5 from its
inception in 2003, and would really like to see where it ends.

Maybe, 3 by 5 can be a good test instrument/indicator for the
world to see if we can meet the MDGs and other global develop-
ment goals that have been set by both the United Nations and Na-
tional governments. Maybe 3 by 5 will help step-up Civil Society
advocacy and efforts towards the MDGs and UNGASS Declaration on

5 is ending, where are the three?

Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima I
Director, Development Partnership International
Rivers State HIV/AIDSResource Center
9-11 Emenike Street Mile II Diobu
Port Harcourt 500001, Nigeria
Tel. +234-805-518-2526

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