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[afro-nets] Food for some assorted thoughts (4)

Food for some assorted thoughts (4)

Thanks Craig for your thought provoking thoughts. I have thought
about these points a thousand times.

To my mind, prevention is better than cure. Any amount of educa-
tion is only an intention to make people behave well. See Singa-
pore, a City State, where everyone behaves as a gentlewoman or
man, and even in the dead of the night, a lady can walk or drive
without any fear of being chased, attacked or raped!! Management
by stick.

Every human being deserves a decent living, commensurate with
their efforts. They should not be fleeced by local vendors or
money lenders. Do they have an opportunity to know, at what
price the medicine is bought and sold!! There can be a standard
10% mark-up, if that is the service fee norm!!

Even the poorest of the poor can save a rupee a day, for a rainy
day!! Do we have such systems in place like the Grameen bank, of
poor, by poor, for poor?

My idea is to create one, even if it be by implanting a chip in
everyone's body, as long as you treat a human being honourably.
There is no secrecy in the animal world and they live by the
rules of level playing field created by nature for their sur-
vival and are happy!! Why not human beings with all their inge-

Kris Dev

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