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[afro-nets] Food for some assorted thoughts (3)

Food for some assorted thoughts (3)

Gosh Kris, why not just implant a small chip in the hand or in
the forehead so that government can keep track of everything
that you do? That way no one will go around cutting off thumbs
to access people's money.

I cannot imagine what a rural village in India or any other
country would do with a bank. Most of the time they spend what-
ever pittance that they have on creature comforts such as food
and maybe medicine if they are well off. I do not believe that
rural villages need a bank to leach off of their hard earned
money. What these villages need is an economic plan that keeps
these villagers independent and for the government to leave them

The difference between a Democracy and a Republic is this: In a
Republic 51% of the people cannot vote to hang the other 49%. A
true democracy is mob rules. A governance that is properly ap-
plied is that corruption where found is punished by prison or

Craig Audiss

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