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[afro-nets] Plain grain or brain drain? (4)

Plain grain or brain drain? (4)

Santuah Niagia said:
 > "Can we actually start training health professionals and selling
 > them off to the highest bidder? The money accruing from the
 > business can be used to motivate the few who stay! We can actu-
 > ally harvest plain grain from brain drain, or can't we?"


This sounds good to the ears. However in my native Cameroon,
with a reputation of twice voted world's most corrupt country,
the money accruing from these sales will almost certainly find
its way into some personal bank accounts... or at least some of
it. Without tackling this monster called corruption, very few
plans will actually work! And the way we are going, this present
generation of doctors leaving Africa for greener pastures would
have retired by the time corruption is defeated... if at all it
will be defeated!


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