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[afro-nets] Plain grain or brain drain?

Plain grain or brain drain?

If African countries can spend so much money training health
personnel why can't they spend a little more to retain them? But
we know all the questions - we now seek answers.

The issue of brain drain generally, and the flight of health
professionals abroad in search of better paid jobs specifically,
has received exhaustive discussion. We seem to be engaged in
blame game and end up skirting the problem. Let's step back and
look at things differently, albeit with the same eye.

We should be bold and wise - let's take the bull by the tail.
Let's accept defeat by acknowledging that Africa cannot tackle
the phenomenon of brain drain alone without the cooperation of
the affluent beneficiary nations.

Can we actually start training health professionals and selling
them off to the highest bidder? The money accruing from the
business can be used to motivate the few who stay! We can actu-
ally harvest plain grain from brain drain, or can't we?

Santuah Niagia
Communication Specialist
Population Council
Sub-Saharan Africa Office
Accra, Ghana

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