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FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2005

3 - 8 September, 2005
Cairo, Egypt

Main Theme:
Medicines for All - A Human Right

Congress website:

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the world-
wide organisation that unites national associations and individ-
ual pharmacists in the fields of pharmacy practice and pharma-
ceutical sciences.

This year's professional programme will examine the numerous
problems associated with the production, supply, distribution
and quality control of medicines throughout the world. These
problems are often thought to be solely associated with develop-
ing countries, but the reality is not so. Developed countries
have become increasingly conscious of such issues in their more
sophisticated environments. The difficulties will be identified
and current efforts to overcome them will be explored from the
various types of national and international backgrounds. The fi-
nal symposium will look into the near future and examine ways in
which we can contribute to better access to required medicines.

Pharmacy Practice Symposia:
- Access to medicines
- The price of medicines
- Selection, supply and distribution of medicines
- The world wide problem of counterfeit medicines
- Thinking the unthinkable

Pharmaceutical Sciences Symposia:
- Biopharmaceutics and drug development process
- Pharmaceutical biotechology in the post-genomic era
- Interactive biotech workshop
- Dissolution testing - a pivotal tool for development and qual-
   ity of drugs
- Good chemistry, manufacturing and control practice
- Natural product research in Egypt

The general programme is designed to cover different areas of
interest in pharmacy practice, including e-learning, "brain
drain", HIV/AIDS, integrated care, smoking cessation, patient
counselling and pharmacovigilance.

The preliminary programme is available online at

Come and join us in Cairo!

FIP Congresses & Conferences
P.O. Box 84200, NL-2508 AE The Hague, Netherlands
Tel: +31-70-302-1982
Fax: +31-70-302-1998


Ms Satu Siiskonen
Pharmacist, MScPharm
Manager of Professional Affairs
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global
federation of national organisations of pharmacists and pharma-
ceutical scientists dedicated to improving the access to and
value of appropriate medicine use, and contributing to changes
in science, practice and health policies worldwide. 

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