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[afro-nets] 2005 ARSRC Sexuality Development Fellowship

2005 ARSRC Sexuality Development Fellowship

Call for Applications

The Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre (ARSRC) calls for
applications to its annual Sexuality Leadership Development Fel-
lowship (SLDF) Programme. The Fellowship is scheduled to take
place in Lagos, Nigeria from July 3 - 22, 2005.

The fellowship is designed to catalyse development in the field
of sexuality by: (1) Providing exposure to cutting-edge concep-
tual, theoretical and programmatic issues in sexuality, sexual
health and sexual rights; (2) Providing opportunities to conduct
research or action projects on sexuality issues; (3) Promoting
mentoring of young African professionals by experts in the
field; and (4) Facilitating the emergence of a new generation of

ARSRC Thematic Focus Areas:
* Access of Adolescents to Sexuality Education
* Violence Against Women and Girls
* Re-thinking Masculinities
* Sexuality and Religion.
* Sexuality and the Media

Course Methodology:
Incorporating both rigorous intellectual work and social activi-
ties, the fellowship promotes sharing of ideas, team building
and collaborative work amongst participants in order to nurture
relationships that last beyond the fellowship period.

Participants are exposed to the most current trends, thinking,
concepts and methodologies in sexuality studies and leadership
development. They work in integrated country-level and cross-
country teams on simulated plans as the vehicle for generating
strategic plans for their future work. All participants will im-
plement a post-fellowship, mini project that will be supervised
and funded.

Distinguished sexuality professionals drawn from across Africa,
serve on the fellowship's faculty. They provide technical assis-
tance and mentor the fellows; especially in the development and
design of their post-fellowship projects. The mentoring is de-
signed to continue even when fellows return to their countries
until they complete their post-fellowship projects.

Applicants should be junior to middle-level African profession-
als, aged 35 years and below, and resident on the African conti-
nent. The minimum qualification is a Bachelor's degree or the
equivalent of a Higher National Diploma (HND). In addition, ap-
plicants must have demonstrable experience and (or) interest in
the area of sexuality, sexual health and rights. Previous knowl-
edge or experience in the ARSRC's thematic focus areas is an
added advantage but is not a prerequisite for selection.

The ARSRC offers a few highly competitive, fully-funded scholar-
ships that are open to qualified citizens of Egypt, Kenya, Nige-
ria or South Africa, who are resident in the continent. ARSRC
scholarships cover tuition fees, post-fellowship grant, round-
trip travel expenses as well as accommodation, meals and inci-
dental expenses.

Interested citizens of other African countries are encouraged to
apply but will need to seek funding from other donors to cover
their travel, accommodation and living expenses; as well as
post-fellowship project. ARSRC will waive tuition fees for these

Requirements for Application:
Applicants are requested to submit the following:

1. Fully completed applications forms (free copies available for
download from

2. Reference Letters: Two (2) reference letters are to be sub-
mitted with each application. Referees should be applicant's tu-
tors, supervisors, employers or sexuality professionals who are
familiar with the applicant's work / interest in the area of
sexuality and are in a position to attest to the applicant's in-
stitutional or organizational affiliations. Reference letters
must be sent directly to the ARSRC by the two referees cited by
the applicant in the application forms.

3. Curriculum Vitae: Each applicant is expected to submit a de-
tailed curriculum vitae showing clearly the candidate's research
publications, awards or any other activities attesting to their
competence and achievements in their selected area of work.

Deadline for the Receipt of Applications: All duly completed ap-
plication forms and other documentary requirements should be
sent to the address below. To be considered, the application
should be received by ARSRC before or on March 31, 2005 at:

The 2005 Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship
Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre
17 Lawal Str., off Oweh Str.
Jibowu, PO Box 803, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Fax: +234-1-3425-470

Olusegun Sangowawa
Programme Officer Information Services
Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre (ARSRC)
17 Lawal Str., off Oweh Str.
Jibowu, Yaba
Lagos State, Nigeria.
Tel: +234-1-7919-307

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