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[afro-nets] Is the NGO good or bad? Who knows? (7)

Is the NGO good or bad? Who knows? (7)

Hello All

I want to comment on the discussion concerning NGO's, particu-
larly those in Africa. I have worked in West, Central and South-
ern Africa as well as with HIV NGO's in the United States; the
woeful under-funding is tragic -- and NGO's do shut down for
lack of funding. Start up funding is crucial and many grassroots
organizations die at inception because despite quality skill and
good intentions, people need to work in order to feed their

Transparency is necessary; many NGO's simply need training in
how to correctly run business -- in such a way that the funders
will appreciate, and not just business as usual. Partnerships
between established (and funded) NGO's and newer not-as-yet
funded NGO's are necessary to get the work done. Funders need to
provide more guidance/assistance in establishing good business
practices amongst the staff of the NGO's they finance.

Teresa Bavibidila

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