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[afro-nets] Is the NGO good or bad? Who knows? (2)

Is the NGO good or bad? Who knows? (2)

Dear Peter Burgess,

Thank you for your mail about NGOs concentrating on raising
funds than concentrating on service delivery. The answer is very
simple, if you have ever run a NGO in Africa or East Asia you
would not make such a misleading statement. How would you expect
a NGO to deliver services without funds? How would you meet the
logistic needs for the NGO in the process of service delivery? I
can mention a few items here:-
a. Transport in service delivery
b. Communication
c. Salaries
d. Rent
e. Allowances
f. Training Materials in case of HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns
g. Stationery... and the list is endless.

What mechanism have you used to find out that NGOs are not de-
livering services? If NGOs cannot raise funds why does Afri-Fund
exist? I think you desire to be sacked. True there are NGOs who
have mismanaged donor funds but this equally appears in western
world. We have read of a lot of financial scandals involving
billions of US Dollars in western countries. Similarly, I have
worked with various whites in different projects and agencies,
whites donate money but eventually this money goes back in dubi-
ous ways.

Albert Kunihira
Country Director & Peace Ambassador
The Africa Youth Ministries Uganda
P.O. Box 20029
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-71-200009/75-200009 39-200009
Fax: +256-41-251060 or

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