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[afro-nets] On The Horizon -- January 2005

On The Horizon -- January 2005

"On the Horizon" is an electronic news capsule from the Horizons
Program (, a global opera-
tions research initiative designed to:

* Identify and test strategies to improve HIV/AIDS prevention,
treatment, and care programs.

* Disseminate research findings and promote their utilization
with the aim of replicating and scaling up successful interven-

Recent Horizons Activities and Publications Focused on Gender

"It's Time to Act"
A Technical Seminar on Women and AIDS

On December 2nd the International Center for Research on Women
(ICRW), the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, and the Horizons
Program convened a seminar in Washington, DC to commemorate
World AIDS Day. Drawing on research and field experience, the
presenters highlighted advances in addressing key issues affect-
ing women and girls, including property rights, stigma, gender-
based violence, microbicides, vaccines, ARV treatment services,
and home and community care.

Agenda, presentations, and related publications:

Young Men and HIV Prevention
December 2004 Horizons Report

This newsletter describes emerging findings from Horizons stud-
ies on gender-based approaches targeting young men in Brazil,
Tanzania, and India. The research aims to better understand the
linkages between gender norms, sexual relationships, and HIV-
risk behaviors, and to determine whether the interventions that
are developed based on this information make a difference in the
lives of young men and their partners.

In this issue:
Involving Young Men in HIV Prevention Programs
Brazil's Program H
Preventing HIV and Partner Violence
Research guides design of peer education and drama components in
"What's a "'Real Man'?"
India study examines perceptions of masculinity as entry point
for addressing HIV


Horizons is implemented by the Population Council in partnership
with the International Center for Research on Women, the Inter-
national HIV/AIDS Alliance, the Program for Appropriate Technol-
ogy in Health, Tulane University, Family Health International,
and Johns Hopkins University. Horizons is funded by the U.S.
Agency for International Development (USAID).

If the entire web link is not highlighted in the e-mail, please
copy and paste the entire URL into your web browser to access
the publication.

Sherry Hutchinson

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