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[afro-nets] Health and wealth among the poor

Health and wealth among the poor: India and South Africa compared

By Anne Case, Angus Deaton

Research Program in Development Studies and Center for Health
and Wellbeing, Princeton University, December 2004

Adobe PDF file (19 pp. 64 kB):

"Health and wealth are the two most important components of well-
being. Rankings of well-being based on income will differ from
more comprehensive rankings depending on the way that income and
health are related. There are strong bidirectional causal links
between income and health so that we cannot understand either
without understanding both. What we call the "wealthier is
healthier" hypothesis asserts both that income is the main de-
terminant of health, and that the international correlation be-
tween income and health is sufficiently tight for income rank-
ings to indicate well-being more broadly."

From: "Ruggiero, Mrs. Ana Lucia (WDC)" <ruglucia@PAHO.ORG>

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