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[afro-nets] What is Health Data Management?

What is Health Data Management?

What is Health Data Management? Data management is a crucial
step in statistical analysis, it begins in the study development
phase with creating case report forms (questionnaire). Variables
need to be coded in order to produce data that lends itself well
to analysis. For example, yes/no variables usually coded as: No
= 0, Yes = 1. Once the case report forms are completed you can
develop a database using any one of a variety of programs such
as Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft ACCESS or SPSS. We can assist with
deciding which measurements to include in the case report forms,
which measurement scales to use, how to code the variables, and
database development as well as data entry.

Statistical analysis is where the fun begins! The study has
hopefully been designed properly to address the research ques-
tions of interest, an appropriate sample size has been used,
case report forms have been developed with appropriate variable
measurement scales, the data have been collected, entered into a
database, cleaned and imported into the statistical analysis
software program. I can also help you in this regards, with my
experience in the use of almost all the conventional statistical
methods and tests that exist.

If you seek my advice before you begin the study, I can help you
ensure that you are collecting the right variables in order to
address the research question. This relates to the measurement
scale of the variables and what types of statistical procedures
will be used to analyze the data. Using an appropriate sample
size means you don't collect any more data than is necessary
while at the same time, ensuring that you collect enough data to
have sufficient statistical power. Making sure you have a good
case report form, database and statistical analysis plan ahead
of time can save you a lot of hassles down the road when the
study is completed.

For Researchers and Graduate Students:
With many years of experience in statistical consulting with
medical researchers and graduate students from over 20 different
specialties within and outside Nigeria I can expertly craft a
statistical analysis plan and sample size justification for your
research proposal. Once the study has been completed, I can eas-
ily carry out just about any conventional statistical procedure
that exists. In addition to my extensive experience developing
statistical analysis plan for health grants, I am an experienced
co-authors of medical research papers. I write the statistical
methods section for you as well as help with the results tables
and graphs.

J.O. Ayankola

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