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[afro-nets] 'Condoms and STD prevention: The winner is...'(5)

'Condoms and STD prevention: The winner is...'(5)

In response to the posting by T. O'Connell and for purposes of
clarity, I crave the indulgence of AFRO-NETTERS to quote verba-
tim and generously from the Yahoo News report on the above sub-

Yahoo News reported:

"The nonprofit Consumers Union says in a new guide to contracep-
tion that the seven top U.S. types of condom they studied did
not burst despite vigorous testing, and all models met interna-
tional standards.

But results showed that the top brand, able to take the most
punishment, was the Durex Extra Sensitive Lubricated Latex, ac-
cording to the report.

Other top-performers include the Durex Performax Lubricated,
Lifestyles Classic Collection Ultra Sensitive Lubricated and
TheyFit Lubricated.

A melon-colored model distributed by Planned Parenthood per-
formed the worst, bursting during a test in which the latex con-
doms were filled with air."

"Consumers Union uses standardized tests to rate the products it
examines, which for latex condoms involves filling them with
air. There is no accepted method to test silicon or non-latex

Does the Yahoo News report describe anything different from
quotes in my original posting? No!

I agree that it is not totally fair to extrapolate the results
of testing on condoms distributed by Planned Parenthood/USA to
condoms in use in Africa especially where there is no evidence
to show that Planned Parenthood USA exports same "worst" per-
forming US brand condoms to Africa. Whether this is so or not,
it is up to Planned Parenthood USA to assuage concerns.

It is nonetheless clearly valid to use the opportunity provided
by the findings of the Consumer Union in the US to raise aware-
ness in the minds of African policy makers and HIV/AIDS program
managers about the need for transparent quality assurance proc-
esses in respect of condoms freely distributed and/or being sub-
sidized by national governments and international aid organisa-
tions in the region.

A. Odutola

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