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[afro-nets] US$ 43 million boost for synthetic malaria drug (2)

US$ 43 million boost for synthetic malaria drug (2)

Hi everybody and Happy New Year,

With interest I am reading this message. "Artesunate" is a very
effective Malaria Drug which used to be available in some West-
and South-African Pharmacies, produced by a Chinese Pharmaceuti-
cal Company. It started to be in the market in 1996 I believe.
The rest is "licence politics" and public relations I believe...
but what will happen to the Chinese licence and those ones who
discovered it first??? The first producers where "Gullin Parma-
ceutical Works", in Guangxi, China. Are they having their fair

These are the questions I am asking myself and you people out
there. So anyone who knows should get back to me.

Best regards,

Margit Holzer,
Eisentorgasse 12
A-2340 Mödling, Austria
Tel./Fax: +43-2236-28228

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