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[afro-nets] Swaziland: The King can do no wrong? (6)

Swaziland: The King can do no wrong? (6)

I agree with you Odutola. One thing which has received little
debate in the accountability issue in Africa is the way we are
socialised to view authority and leadership in general. Right
from the family unit, no matter how sound a minor's views or
feelings are, elders always have the last say. For example, it
is taboo to challenge the actions of one's father or mother -
even uncles and aunts, no matter how bad their actions are.

This subservient behaviour is reinforced in our education sys-
tem. The teacher is the sole authority from primary to secondary
school, and in some cases at college and university levels.

I find our reverence of authority rather obscene and a serious
crime on the part of Africans especially those who are being
governed. Our warped senses of 'respect' of those in authority
make us accessories to murder, national plunder, outright trea-
son and other worse crimes.

Almost everyone in Africa knows what's happening within the
echelons of power but nobody does anything until the situation
is beyond salvation. The tragedy of the whole thing is, this
does not just happen in government alone but in churches, NGOs,
CBOs, ASOs, the private sector and international organisations
based in Africa. The difference is only in scale and how openly
such crimes are committed.

Lets teach our children differently. Obedients and subservients
are not equal to respect.

Joshua Chigodora
Harare, Zimbabwe

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