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Winnipeg, CANADA, July 28, 2004 -- Lead by Randy Tyler's six
years of pioneering work with far-flung online volunteers, Cana-
dian-based charity Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) will publish
and distribute to non-profits organizations worldwide, a free
and unique, multi-media "how-to" resource about online volun-
teerism. Worldwide online users are projected to top one billion
by the end of 2005 (eT Forecasts). But globally, there are very
few resources available now to explain how to tap into this
huge, mostly untapped pool of potential online volunteers.

MYS's publication will share their innovative best practices,
discerned over the last six years, with other non-profit organi-
zations around the world to help them reap the benefits of
online volunteerism by reaching into this cyber-based volunteer
pool. Their resource (to be released 2nd quarter, 2005) will
also serve to inform and educate the wired global public about
Online (Virtual) Volunteerism -- a new and convenient way for a
computer user to help a non-profit organization around the cor-
ner, or around the world, from the comfort of their home or work

Thanks to the financial support, vision and commitment to volun-
teerism of the Winnipeg Foundation, along with the help of world
leader InstallShield Software Corporation and talented online
volunteers, such as Russ McLamb, MYS will share their best prac-
tices publication free, not only locally, but with non-profit
organizations around the globe via a user-friendly, bandwidth
option web download.

"It's exciting to anticipate a new resource sharing field-tested
best practices for successful virtual [online] volunteering pro-
jects, based on the pioneering work of Macdonald Youth Services.
The promised 'multi-media' format sounds especially intriguing,
and how wonderful that this publication will be freely accessi-
ble to the entire volunteer community around the world. Bravo,

Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize, Inc. Philadelphia, U.S.

"After six years of pioneering efforts, Macdonald Youth Services
has shown that the Internet is a proven medium to recruit volun-
teers from around the globe to help their children's charity.
Thus, we at Chris-Mar Studios are proud to volunteer our time
and talent to help them share their online volunteer program
successes with other not-for-profit organizations around the

Russ McLamb, Owner/Voice Talent/Producer
Chris-Mar Studios
North Carolina, U.S.

Ellis, co-author of the Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, said:
"We welcome this extension of the material we published back in
2000; in fact, it's about time someone with real-world experi-
ence in online service brought the information up-to-date!"

"Non-profits take note! Online volunteerism has the potential to
revolutionize the way that organizations enlist and use volun-
teers. Macdonald Youth Services has been at the forefront of
this emerging field and their new toolkit promises to be a ter-
rific resource for organizations of any size."

Maggie Leithead, President/COO
Canada's Supersite for the Non-Profit Sector
Vancouver, Canada

"I look forward to sharing our online volunteerism accomplish-
ments to help the global non-profit community," said MYS's Randy
Tyler. "I hope that our multi-media resource also assists the
general public learn that online volunteerism is a new and
flexible way, where one can now make a real difference to a
charity or non-profit organization, a block or continent away,
all from the convenience of one's home or office-based Internet
connected computer."

Macdonald Youth Services is a 75 year-old trusted and respected
registered charitable treatment and support agency based in Win-
nipeg, Canada, that provides a variety of innovative and leading
programming for thousands of Manitoba's young people on a yearly
basis within the following conceptual areas: residential treat-
ment, treatment foster care, mobile crisis and brief treatment
teams, specialized individual placements, pre-employment/life-
skills training and youth shelter.

For Further Information:

Randy Tyler
Macdonald Youth Services
175 Mayfair Avenue (Head Office)
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Tel: +1-204-949-4292
Online Media Centre:

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