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[afro-nets] Call for Global Fund Proposals

Call for Global Fund Proposals
From: "Jove Oliver" <>

On 10 January, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria
called for a fourth round of grant proposals. The Global Fund
has already awarded over US$ 700 million last year for use by
community-based organizations, NGOs, faith-based organizations,
the private sector and people living with the diseases.

According to its board chair, Tommy Thompson, the Global Fund is
looking for proposals of the highest quality, particularly from
partnerships that include the private sector and local NGOs. If
your organization is looking to extend its efforts to fight
HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria then please read on to learn
how you can become involved in proposal preparation process for
your country.

The Global Fund will accept proposals from your Country Coordi-
nation Mechanism (CCM). The CCM functions as a national consen-
sus group that coordinates the submission of one national pro-
posal. CCMs typically include broad representation from govern-
ment agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations, people liv-
ing with the diseases, private sector institutions and bilateral
and multilateral agencies. The CCM in your country is responsi-
ble for facilitating the proposal development process; ensuring
that all relevant actors are involved and that all views are
taken into account, and approving and endorsing the final ver-
sion of a single country proposal. The CCM is expected to be re-
sponsive to all national stakeholders wishing to scale-up their
activities as part of national efforts.

Information on previous proposals which were awarded money can
be found on the Global Fund web site:

For contact details of CCMs and the Global Fund's country port-
folio managers, please select your country in the drop-down menu

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