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[afro-nets] 23rd European Course in Tropical Epidemiology

23rd European Course in Tropical Epidemiology

9 - 24 September, 2004
London, UK
Organised by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

The European Course in Tropical Epidemiology (ECTE) is collabo-
rative course organised by participating European centres of
Public Health and Tropical Medicine. It is held annually at dif-
ferent European venues, including London, Gotenberg, Antwerp,
Basel in recent years. The teachers and facilitators come from
the institutions in the organising network.

In 2004, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
(LSHTM) will be organising the programme. The course is intended
for physicians, nurses, health programme managers and health ad-
ministrators from tropical countries or with a professional in-
terest in public health in tropical countries. ECTE will build
knowledge and skills around basic epidemiology and medical sta-
tistics and will utilise computer packages appropriate to these


The course is appropriate for those without formal training in
epidemiology or statistics. However the course is intensive and
applicants should have a good command of English.


The course provides participants with basic epidemiological and
statistical skills for the assessment of health problems, ser-
vice delivery and planning of field studies, and will provide
links to social science, economics and computing skills which
are used in these areas. The emphasis of the course is on the
practical application of tools for use in developing countries,
interpretation of data and reporting of results from operational

A comprehensive course manual will be provided for each partici-
pant at the beginning of the course. The course will follow ma-
terial found in the recommended textbooks: Essentials of medical
statistics (2nd Edition) by B Kirkwood and J Sterne (Blackwell)
Epidemiology in Medicine by CH Hennekens and JE Buring (Little,
Brown and Co).


The teaching includes lectures, seminars, practical work and
computer exercises. The course will cover:
* basic epidemiology of infectious diseases, focussing on those
   occurring in the tropics
* types of epidemiological studies
* risk estimation, high risk groups & risk factors
* screening
* outbreak investigation and response
* qualitative approaches in epidemiology
* survey design, sampling, organisation
* questionnaire design
* data entry, checking & processing
* basic statistics using computers

More information from:
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
50 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3DP, United Kingdom

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