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[afro-nets] New publication: Addressing Barriers in Malaria Control

New publication: Addressing Barriers in Malaria Control
Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Publications is pleased to 
announce publication of "Addressing Barriers in Malaria Control 
through Pharmaceutical and Commodity Management," Volume 12, No. 
1 of 'The Manager', MSH's management quarterly.
Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal disease caused by a para-
site that is spread to humans through the bite of infected mos-
quitoes. For more than 50 years, chloroquine, an inexpensive and 
widely available medicine, has been used to cure malaria. Today, 
however, the world is faced with a resurgence of malaria, fu-
elled in part by the spread of strains of the parasite that are 
resistant to chloroquine and other antimalarial medicines. Ma-
laria is a problem in every region of the developing world. The 
disease affects all ages and economic groups with a devastating 
impact on pregnant women and children less than five years of 
This issue of 'The Manager' was written to support the goals of 
the Global Malaria Control Strategy. It focuses on both the bar-
riers that impede the control of malaria and promising strate-
gies for addressing them through pharmaceutical and commodity 
management. Policymakers and health managers can apply some of 
these strategies to ensure a supply of effective antimalarial 
medicines and promote their correct use.
The Manager is a continuing education publication from MSH. Each 
issue presents in-depth discussions of management strategies for 
improving health services. Accompanying case scenarios may be 
used for staff development and training. This issue was pub-
lished with support from the US Agency for International Devel-
opment through the Rational Pharmaceutical Management Plus Pro-
gram. Additional support was provided by the Bill & Melinda 
Gates Foundation through the MSH Strategies for Enhancing Access 
to Medicines (SEAM) Program. 
The Manager is free of charge to people in Africa, Asia, and 
Latin America. Funds received from sales in North America, West-
ern Europe, Japan, and Australia support reprinting and distri-
bution of our publications in 180 countries. 
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