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[afro-nets] Impact of Christian Medical Professionals...(2)

Impact of Christian Medical Professionals on HIV/AIDS pandemic (2)

Dear Dr. Tefera,

I think the most important issue standing between a Christian
health professional and HIV/AIDS is the issue of condom usage
which is also the heart of the matter when we talk about
HIV/AIDS. Here one has to take a stand based on the teaching of
his religion. Everything else is similar. The other issue is in
care and support for PLWHA and orphans and there as a Christian
medical professional you have a great role in comforting and
supporting them. You can't act like an aloof scientific robot.
You have to put in a human touch which in practical terms re-
quires more time and dedication. You can't do some of these ser-
vices at your regular working hours. You need to use your spare
time for this purpose. Good luck!

Yohannes Damtew, MD
Managing Director
Tel: + 251-1-564-408, + 251-1-564-409
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